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Myths and Facts


Most of the couples’ infertility problems are caused by female disorders.

Many men do not seek medical advice and leave the responsibility for a solution finding to their female partners. Statistics show that 32% of infertility cases are associated to impaired semen level or caused by a male factor.

Assisted Reproductive Treatments are very expensive.

About 80% of the couples with infertility may be treated with low-complexity and low- cost treatments, such as Ovarian Stimulation and Artificial Insemination.

Anxiety often causes infertility.

Anxiety is an effect of infertility and rarely causes infertility. It is estimated that only 1 or 2% of infertility cases are generated solely by a very marked anxiety state. Almost every couple with infertility faces anxiety. However it is more an effect than a cause.

The use of birth control pills for long periods affects fertility.

Birth control pills protect fertility decreasing the frequency of pelvic infections and ovarian cysts. In addition, these pills may lower the aggressiveness of conditions such as endometriosis, which affects a woman’s childbearing potential.

The discharge of semen outside of the vagina after sexual intercourse prevents pregnancy.

The discharge of semen outside of the vagina after sexual intercourse is normal. Sperm begin traveling through the uterus very quickly, even before the sexual intercourse is over.