Sperm Bank

The sperm bank offers the possibility of storing sperm for long periods of time.  The sperm is stored in order to have sperm available for use later on in an assisted reproduction cycle.  It is also used by men who want to preserve their future fertility before undergoing procedures that affect their reproductive potential, such as pelvic surgery or genitourinary system (vasectomy, prostatectomy, etc.), and cancer therapy.

 In this last case suggest timely consultation (if possible at least one month before the procedure) in order to achieve a sufficient number of cryopreserved sperm, and thus optimize the option of future pregnancy.

 In the latter case, contacting the bank in advance in order to have time to store enough samples to ensure adequate numbers for pregnancy is of utmost importance.

To offer the greatest chance of survival after freezing the sperm sample is mixed with cryoprotective substances before being stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.  However, not all sperm survive the freeze-thaw process and it may happen that very few or none survive to be used for assisted reproduction.

 The time sperm spend in cryopreservation does not seem to affect their viability and does not increase the risk of fetal abnormalities with respect to a natural conception with fresh semen.  The storage time is extended according to the needs of each individual or couple.

In order to freeze sperm in the sperm bank you should:

1. Test for antibodies to HIV (AIDS), surface antigen hepatitis B, antibodies tagainst hepatitis C and IgG / IgM for cytomegalovirus and Chlamydia trachomatis.

2. Fill out the consent form and contract for cryopreservation, sperm storage and custody with the Institute.

The medical staff at inSer will be available to answer any concerns you can have about this procedure.