[AID] Artificial Insemination with Donor Sperm

In artificial insemination with donor sperm, spermatozoa are obtained from a donor bank and introduced into de reproductive track of a woman at the time of ovulation.

Who benefits from AID?

Alternative Treatment Options

AID can be used in a couple in which the husband has azoospermia (no spermatozoa in the ejaculate), or has a genetic disease he does not want to pass to his offspring.

Another option for azoospermia is to do a testicular biopsy and use the found spermatozoa in an ICSI cycle.

Before Doing An Iad

Pregnancy Rates

The woman must have an appointment with the gynecologist in order to have a complete medical evaluation and receive information about the process.  In order to a successful IAD the Fallopian tubes and the uterus must be normal.

The husband can be evaluated by the Urologist if required.  Test for AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and blood typing must be done.

Finally an appointment with the counselor is programmed in order to identify and cope with possible areas of conflict.


Pregnancy rates are between 20 and 25% per attempt.  With repeated cycles, accumulative pregnancy rates around 70% can be achieved.